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This page is dedicated as a showcase of student talent both past and present. All of the examples are from students involved with studying guitar in my studio. Most of the examples involved my help with the recording and writing. #9 and #10 are the exceptions as they are from students with recording contracts.

 Please take the time to listen to the samples and enjoy what others have accomplished! some of these students have been very successful with their music. When you click in the link, a new window will open directing you to YouTube where you can listen or watch the songs don't forget to leave comments if you want...ENJOY!

1. Over and Over Again by Death and Taxes:

This is one of my favorite student songs from a student named Paul that I taught back 1989. I always thought that he was a great student. I remember working on a lot of Mettalica with him anyways, I got in touch with him again somewhere around 1994 and found out he was in a metal band called "Death and Taxes" (great name for a metal band eh?) he gave me a copy of a c.d. he was working on and reminded me of some of the riffs we used to through around in the lessons...this song is based off of a riff we used to solo back and forth to...

2. Dear God by Alan Bachmura:

Alan Bachmura was a student that only took a few months worth of lessons from me back in 2000. The only reason why he stopped taking lessons was because I ended up joining his band and we played together for about 2 years going playing shows in Las Vegas and Ohio etc. He wrote really great songs; this song was a favorite of mine.

3.  Little Sister by Wade Mquade:

Wade was a student from somewhere around 1998. He studied his chords (man did this kid love his open position chords!) and quickly moved on to electric guitar where he only had an interest in writing songs. I remember working a bit on this song with him; I told him that it sounded a bit like a song called "runaway train" by a band called Soul Asylum (a throw back 80's ballad type band) but he didn't care and just kept writing it. Later we recorded this at my home studio; It turned out really nice.

4. Made for Me by Snow Seed:

Brian, Brian...where do I start? well let me try to summarize this kid (taught from 1997-2001) by saying that I practically had to twist his arm to record, I ended up doing this recording for him in my home studio. He was a huge nirvana fan and always had a great sense of lyric writing but could never get himself motivated enough to get a whole album together. My "push" really payed off. I ended up recording two albums for him. The last I heard from him, his band was playing all over Michigan; mostly with the songs that I helped him record.

5. Hariet's Pets by Aaron Hoge:

Aaron Hoge was the first "new" guitar student that I ever had in my lesson studio! (this was back in 1987 of course) as far as this music sample goes, I really had nothing to do with it besides my influences on him about 20 years ago. Aaron showed up again to take lessons again about a month ago (august 2005) and he gave me a copy of an album that he recorded. He really used everything I taught him and I can hear a lot of those chords we worked on shining through his playing!

6. Beverly Hills by Lollabella:

This song was written mostly by my student Todd Steinberg. Todd was really into a lot cool bands like "The odds" and "Del Amitri". While you really can't hear the influences of those bands, you really can hear his ferocious guitar tone. He really like to write lyrics and came in with this song with only a few chords. We had to switch the key around to make it fit his voice, I think he wrote this song when he lived out in L.A. for about a year. I remember him telling me how he hated living out in California because no one out there was actually "from" there. He told me that everyone was pretty plastic and searching for something that they'd never find.

7. Remember Tonight by Tony Asta:

Tony was in my lesson studio for about a year and half starting in 2001. He played this Yamaha 80's heavy metal type guitar and was really into learning music from the Scorpions (80's hair metal type band). As you can hear, this song sounds NOTHING like 80's hair metal. Maybe the blunt lyrics are a bit like an 80's ballad but other than that..it shocked me! I recorded this song for him back in 2003 in my home studio. I was impressed to hear that he could sing too! can you tell he wrote this song for his girlfriend? I guess he was in one of those "long distance" relationships. This song was recorded in my home studio while I lived in an apartment, my neighbors weren't too happy about the loud vocal's that day!

8. Oddity by Big Floppy Dog:

Andrew Smith was a strange kid I taught back in 1998; Strange in an admirable cool kind of way. I remember that he always had a lot of guitars and recording equiptment and was very convinced that he was going to "make it big" someday. He used to bring in these ideas and I told him they were "interesting". One day he came into his lesson really upset about something and told me that he wanted to write about it (even though he wouldn't tell me what he was actually mad about) I immediately came up with the riff for this song and he loved it! I played the first thing that came to mind he just sort of took it from there. He went home and recorded the idea into a song which he appropriately called "Oddity". I eventually helped Andrew get into the school of music at EMU where he studied Classical Guitar, he really got good at it!

9. Cmon Cmon by the Von Bondies (live on David Lettermen):

Ok, now does anybody remeber this song from back in 2002? This song was big in Europe and Jason was on on tour with the White Stripes for a while!...I mostly taught his brother but I did teach Jason for a short while. Jason really was truly a unique student. He had a hilarious sense of humor and mostly we'd just make up funny lyrics and talk "Ant-Guitar" technique. This comes out a lot in his music as he was a "back to basics" type of player that really hated anything that was "in-organic" especially when it came to guitar tone.

10. Medicating by Boys Night Out (Music Video):

This is a video of Cara Dupuy in her band Boys Night Out (she's the girl in the video with the tattoo on her arm). Her band had moderate success with a few tours including the Warped Tour in 2007. I taught Cara when she was only 14 years old until she was 17. She had an incredible gift for playing piano as well as guitar (She played backup guitar in this band and mostly keyboards). Funny story, we ended up teaching together at a place out in Dexter Mi. and she got married and had a baby, so I think the touring is over for her!

Yes....There are other examples that I still need to dig up. Stay tuned!